Steins Gate 0 - Playstation 4 and PS Vita


Steins Gate 0 is the sequel to the best-selling Visual Novel.  Set around a group of students who accidentally change time and history with a science experiment, endangering humankind.  Steins Gate 0 tells the story of what happens when they fail to fix their mistake...

Charting a darker worldline from the original, STEINS;GATE 0 focuses on a reality where genius scientist Okabe Rintaro is unable to save the one he loves, kick-starting a parallel universe where World War III and humanity’s destruction are very real dangers.

Depressed, with no time for his old friends, and having completely abandoned his time travel research, Okabe’s life is once again thrown into chaos when faced once again with his old love Makise Kurisu – but not as he knows her.

The girl he once loved is returned to him via an old piece of her research - the artificial intelligence system known as ‘Amadeus’ with no memory of him or their past relationship. Now, with the dark forces of the beta worldline Okabe Rintaro must try to keep Amadeus Kurisu safe -  but if he couldn’t even save the one he loved, how can he possibly save humanity?