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Wild Guns Reloaded: The Classic Gallery Shooter Gets a Physical Release on PS4

Wild Guns Reloaded is a retro crosshair shooter - a genre that's rare and lacking in selection on modern game consoles like the PlayStation 4.  Hence, this classic gem became the perfect candidate for Crescent Marketing Inc. and Natsume to partner up for a physical release and distribution to North America.

Originally released on SNES in 1994, the new PS4 version adds 2 new characters (Doris and Bullet) providing an intense 4 players coop action!  Wild Guns Reloaded on PlayStation 4 also sports enhanced visuals and sound, plus new stages, weapons, and challenging level modes.

Wild Guns Reloaded for PlayStation 4 is available at Crescent Marketing's online store and through our retail partner sites such as GameQuestDirect.com, Groupon, Crunchyroll, Sears, and more!  

For more detailed game coverage, check out this video review by Stop Skeletons From Fighting:  

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