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Steins;Gate 0 - A Darker Story From the Time Traveling Visual Novel

If you're a gamer and enjoy reading manga, and/or like watching anime, be sure to check out Steins;Gate and its expanded sequel Steins;Gate 0.  This compelling sci-fi and critically acclaimed visual novel tells a story about time traveling, which expands to plot twisting multiple worlds, timelines, and endings for players controlling the lead protagonist, Rintaro Okabe and his friends.     

The original Steins;Gate was released on various game consoles: Xbox 360 (2009), Windows (2010), PlayStation Portable (2011), PlayStation 3 (2012), and Vita (2013).  Stein;Gate 0 then released in North America (November 2016) for PlayStation 4 and Vita. 

Players explore a darker story in Steins;Gate 0 that begins in the middle of the first game's ending.  Without spoilers, Steins;Gate 0 brings new and existing characters' perspectives to the plot.  Those who played the original will be familiar with its gameplay where character's decisions and interaction with their cellphone (Amadeus) determines the story flow.  You can expect the same gorgeous visuals, character sprites, artwork, and background settings from the first game.  The game's soundtrack also sets up the world theme perfectly and many will appreciate the different tracks tied to the multiple endings of the game.

One of the best element about Steins;Gate is the game's captivating story and well-paced plot.  Steins;Gate 0 continues to build on this depth by adding new characters and story routes for players to explore.  With its rich cast, emotional and climatic plot twists, and easy to absorb gameplay, its easy to say that the Steins;Gate series is one of the best visual novels to pick up.  If you haven't played Steins;Gate 0, we highly recommend playing the original first to appreciate the entire world plot.  Regardless, both games are "must-plays" and Steins;Gate 0 will only enhance and complete the original experience.  

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