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88 Heroes Save Earth About $88 Octillion Dollars

Meet evil Dr. H8 and the good 88 heroes who come to stop him in this humorous 2D action platformer.  Obsessed with the number 8, Dr. H8 demands Earth to pay $88 octillion dollars in 88 hours or face obliteration from his 88 nuclear warheads!  

To save humanity, 88 unlikely heroes unite to stop the maniac.  The game says they first called for the best, but the best were busy???  So players will control all 88 heroes to clear through Dr. H8's 88 levels in 88 seconds.  The mission is quite straightforward until you find that the game swaps out your heroes randomly each time you die or clear a stage. This requires players to think and act quickly while knowing how to use each hero's unique abilities.  The game is over when you run out of heroes before clearing all 88 levels. 

The major fun and replay value comes from learning to love and hate your 88 heroes.  How you make your plays in this game depends on which character is assigned to you at that particular moment.  Some heroes will give you a clear advantage while others are surprisingly useless.  Regardless, this is part of the charm in 88 Heroes that brings a lot of fun and laughter while keeping each run fresh and challenging.

88 Heroes is available as a physical copy exclusively on Sony PlayStation 4 at $19.99.  The physical boxed edition will have 2 additional heroes and 8 new levels in H8 Mode!  Be sure to pick up your copy and enjoy endless combinations of heroes saving the day. 


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